Radio Nard is an internet radio that aims to collect and connect talented groups, individuals, artists and DJs that are showing the face of love, hope, and good sounds.

Our very first stream started in 2014 from Amman, Jordan. Now we are based in Bethlehem, Palestine and still flowing.

The radio expects to break the physical and mental borders that trouble our Arab world because of all the restrictions, limitations, and oppressive acts done by groups we refer to as “The haters of the Sun”. We will overcome this oppression through our music, art, talent, dream and fun. Here, we encourage connecting the Palestinian and Arab artists together, as well as with the rest of the world.

We believe that the internet can positively affect all our lives if we choose to use it as a channel for unification, rather than separation. Be it through music or any art, you will also find Radio Nard doing their part on fearless dance floors, in music events, and at parties.

Radio Nard is worldwide, open and operable to anyone who would like to join our streams from any place, at any time, if you chime with us the same why.

Nard ( نَرد ) in Arabic means dice.